In 2017 I joined Sephora to provide leadership and level-up their design org. I built a team of designers, project managers, and researchers to bring to market a number of innovative products and services for customers.


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I started my journey by meeting with the team at hand and seeing what we were doing well and where we could improve. We had great talent but too much work for the team to tackle reasonably. I hired additional researchers to support our insights generation and planning and a project manager to help with intake and load balancing the team's needs. I also added designers as well as a contractor pool and agency support to augment the team as necessary. I realigned designers to be embedded as SMEs on product teams to feel deeply integrated with their opportunity space. During my tenure we launched a way for customers to match their skin tone with the right colour makeup, a community to find people with similar needs to support more personalized recommendations, a mobile in-store mode that helped find the right products, buy online pickup in-store, and an AR virtual try-on experience.

What I did

  • Alignment & stakeholder management
  • Design management
  • Design tool procurement
  • Hiring & contracter management
  • Strategy & planning
  • User research & customer insights

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